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Dr Joseph A Rabari

The author, Dr Joseph Achieng' Rabari, is an educator with long experience and has taught Chemistry with distinction at Advanced Level and secondary schools. His former stations of service include Maranda High School, where he was Head of Science Department, and Moi Nairobi Girls High School where he served simultaneously as a Career Master and Director of Studies.

The author has worked with the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) as Examiner, and in an additional capacity as Examination Centre Organizer. He has also served as a National Trainer with the Kenyan government's in-service programme for science and mathematics teachers (SMASSE) in Kenya, which also provides technical support to 27 other countries in Africa.

Dr Rabari has worked as Chief Curriculum Development Officer in Charge of Physics at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, and some of his major outputs include the General Science Curriculum and the Digitized content for secondary school Physics used to-date.

Motivated by a desire to enhance education quality, the author has acquired hands-on experience with online Learning Management Systems based on innovative tools for ICT integration. These include use of MOODLE as a delivery platform. He has undertaken PEBL training organized by the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) in collaboration with University of Edinburgh, and a Pedagogy Leadership in Africa (PedaL) course on the development of remote learning course content, media, ePortfolio, learning facilitation and assessment of online courses.

Currently, the author is a faculty member of School of Education, Maseno University, Kenya.

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(Both titles were recommended by the Ministry of Education for use in schools)